4 gold ciborias of various design

The Ministries at St. John's

St. John's Parish is a vibrant Catholic community, a truly special place all in thanks to the many who so gracioulsy give of their time and talent.

"Volunteers don't get paid, not because they are worthless, but because they're priceless."

Multiple lit votive candles     Bereavement Team

Knights of Columbus     Knight's of Columbus logo. A shield with 4 triangles behind it, 2 red and 2 white pointing in to form a diamond   

Logo of the Catholic Women's League of Canada. A blue cross outlined in gold and encircled with a blue cirlce lined in gold     Catholic Women's League

Lectors     An open lectionary with a view of the church body in the background

Boy and girl altar servers in red and whie robes carrying crosses     Altar Servers

Chili Program     White Angel silhouette with gold winds

Circular graphic for Edge Youth Ministry  EDGE Youth Ministry