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Good Shepherd Ministry - Chili Program

The Good Shepherd Ministry (Chili Program) is a volunteer opportunity extended by the Good Shepherd Centre to the Parishes of the GTA to provide homecooked meals for the homeless and needy who flow through their doors every day.

Volunteers prepare and freeze the meals in their homes at their convenience, using the Good Shepherd Chili Recipe.

The meals are collected at the Parishes and later picked up by Good Shepherd. Aluminum containers with labelled lids and recipes are all provided by the Parish.

Our chosen recipe is a nutritious chilli (6-8 servings) which is be collected in our Parish typically on the last weekend of each month.

The prepared chilies may be dropped off in the freezer, currently located at the porch of the house at St. John's Church, until they are ready for pick up by Good Shepherd.

For more information on the Good Shepherd Ministries please visit the Good Shepherd Website.