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Congratulation on your engagement!! We are happy to celebrate your wedding with you.

Our general practices regarding Weddings:

1 - At least one party must be a Baptizes and Confirmed Roman Catholic and a registered member of St. John's and St. Cornelius Parish.

If you are new to the Parish or have not yet registered at St. John’s and St. Cornelius; please register by using parish envelopes.

Those not registered and those who live outside of our parish boundaries will be referred to the church they regularly attend.

2 - To secure a wedding date you and your fiance must meet with the Pastor 1 year before your wedding date.

Attend a Saturday evening Mass along with your fiance and wait for the Parishioners to depart at the end of Mass.

For Mass times see our Mass Schedule

You may then approach the Pastor, introduce yourselves and express your desire to marry in the church.

3 - Once the Pastor has booked a date with you, we will leave you alone to plan your reception.

We will contact you approximately 2-3 months before your wedding date to arrange meetings, complete the paperwork, and finalize the details of the Marriage ceremony.

Typically we book 3-4 meeting plus a rehearsal.

4 - Music and Altar Servers.

It is up to you to contact the musician well in advance to book your date with them.

The contact details for the musician can be found in the Marriage Information Pamphlet.

The Church arranges the Altar Server(s) to assist the priest.

5 - All couples wishing to be married in the Catholic Church must complete a Marriage Preparation Course.

We recommend signing up and completing the course as soon as possible.

For a full list of available course please visit Catholic Family Services.


For a full explanation of what happens at a Catholic Wedding, click HERE to watch the video.

 If you should have any questions please contact the Parish Office.

Email: stjohntheevangelistca@archtoronto.org

Phone: 905-880-0080