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Preparing the funeral of someone you love is an act of love. For Catholic Christians, this loving act also expresses our faith in the power of Jesus' resurrection. This love and faith are central to what death means to a Christian: Life is changed, not ended. Those who die pass through death to new life in God. In God, our bonds of love remain intact.

During this time of sorrow and grief, you are not alone. The Parish and Catholic community walk with you, supporting you.

When someone you love dies, you, as a family member, close friend, or partner, make the funeral arrangements. If you have never done anything like this before, you wil have many questions and many things to consider. it is also often a time of raw emotions - grief, sorrow, confusion, loneliness - and even conflict. But you don't have to feel overwhelmed. The parish priest and the funeral director are very exerienced and can offer valuable assistance at what is usually a  difficult time.

Christians celebrate the funeral rites to offer worship, praise, and thanksgiving to God for the gift of life which has now been returned to God, the author of life and the hope of the just. The Mass, the memorial of Christ's death and resurrection, is the principal celebration of the Christian funeral. (OCF # 5)
There is an emphasis on the baptism of the deceased since it is through baptism in Jesus that each person receives the promise of eternal life. The white pall draped over the casket, the holy water and the Easter candle are symbols of Christ's life which is bestowed through the waters of baptism.

The Funeral Mass may be celebrated with a casket or the cremated remains of the deceased person present. The Church encourages the family to have the body present in the Church followed by cremation, however either way is acceptable.

To assist you in planning the Funeral Mass we have included our Funeral Planning Booklet to this site.

Please look over the booklet, choose your readings, readers, Hymns, and fill out the planning page.

** Please keep in mind that readers MUST be over 16 years of age.

The Rite of Committal or Graveside Service

Prayers are offered to commit the body of the deceased to its final resting place.

To assist you in the planning of a graveside service please see our Graveside Service Prayers

  • When the body has not been or will not be cremated:
    • The remains of the deceased must be transported by a funeral director and must be delivered in an on time fashion. Remains are not to be sent in advance.
    • Notification is necessary, as soon as possible so that we can have our contractor on hand for burial. Vaults are to be arranged through your Funeral Director.
    • The Funeral Director will bring Clergy Information sheet and burial permit if applicable.
    • The Funeral Director will bring cheque for $1,500.00 for opening and closing fees, made payable to St. John's Albion Cemetery.
  • When the body has been or will be cremated, appropriate adaptions are made to the committal:
    • Cremated remains must be transported by a funeral director or by a member of the family and must be delivered in an on time fashion. Remains are not to be sent in advance.
    • Please also bring with you:
      - Photocopy of death certificate
      - Certificate of cremated remains
      - Burial permit
      - Cheque for $ 750.00 for opening and closing fees, made payable to St. John's Albion Cemetery

If you wish to may a donation to the Parish for the Grave Side Service, please make it payable to St. John's or St Cornelius Church
- You may wish to place flowers on top of the deceased before the grave is filled in or after the burial.
- You may also wish to leave a flower arrangement beside the grave, which will be removed when it becomes unsightly.
- You may wish to bring a picture of the deceased (approximately 8 ½ x 11) in a standing frame for the duration of the service.
- Please have Funeral Director contact us immediately so that arrangements can be made.

For a link to St. John Albion, Cemetery, click HERE.

We are very sorry for the loss of your loved one.

For additional resources on coping with grief or to contact our Bereavement Team click HERE.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the office at 905-880-0080