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Reconciliation & First Communion

In 1983 our Holy Father Pope John Paul in his letter on the family marked the family as the primary place for communication and receiving faith. He challenged the Christian family with 4 tasks:

a) To become a community of persons

b) To serve life

c) To participate in the development of society

d) To share in the life and mission of the Church.

This year your child reaches a new stage in their faith life by receiving the Sacrament of the Eucharist, we turn our attention back to the beginning. We recall the event when your child was baptized and welcomed into the faith community. We remember what that event meant for your child.... what you hoped for him/her. 'I HAVE COME THAT YOU MAY HAVE LIFE, LIFE IN RICH ABUNDANCE.'

As your children grow, they ready themselves for the celebration of each of the subsequent sacraments, we continually remind ourselves of the promises made at Baptism. We are told the first 'religious' educator is the parent. The responsibility for the spiritual formation of children falls primarily on you the parent. Schools and parishes support the religious formation you give them at home. The way in which a child experiences God in the family largely influences the child's image of God.

In Baptism, you enrolled your child into the Christian life and we, the community, promised to support them in living out what the faith community stands for....what it believes. Each of the sacraments we celebrate are particular moments in our faith journey which highlight the stages in the way of living. Each sacrament celebrates the presence of Jesus, His saving action in life. Therefore all sacraments are both related to life and to Jesus.

Dynamic Catholic offers a wonderful program to aid parents in the preparation of their children for the Sacrament of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.

Click HERE to access the free program online.

I will make myself available to anyone if there are any questions about the program. The Church thanks you for all your interest and your efforts in the lives of these children who have been entrusted to you by God.

Reconciliation Parent Meeting - TBD

Communion Parent Meeting - TBD

How to go to Reconciliation

Applications will be available at the back of the Church in September 2024

Deadline for Applications: Wed Nov 13, 2024