a clipart image of a boy and girl dressed in red and white altar server garb

Altar Servers

Having the opportunity to serve during Mass means a different type of involvement for young people.

By serving during Mass, children have so many hands on learning opportunities.

It is a wonderful way for them to learn the names of objects used during Mass, vestment pieces, and other church-related terms.

It may also give them a better understanding and appreciation for what is going on during Mass, and that is a pretty wonderful benefit.

Being an Altar Server may also encourage future religious vocations or at least give them a chance to explore the idea, so that in the future they may want to become a Lector or an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion.

Serving in the Parish is also a wonderful way to meet other Parishioners.

If your child would like to be an Altar Server please fill out the application below and return it to the office.

Altar Server Application