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Request for Mass Intention or Candle

Posted : Feb-13-2021

To request a Mass intention please contact the office either by phone or email.

  • Please note that Sunday Masses are single intention (1 name per Mass), Saturday Mass is multi-intentional (mulitple names per Mass).
  • Booking is based on a first come first book basis.
  • Please include the name of your loved one and who the request is made by when contacting the office. (ex. John Doe requested by the Family)


Candles are lit on Saturday and burn for approximately 7 days.


The suggested offering for a Mass or Candle is $ 20


To view a Mass, please visit out YouTube page.


To request a Mass or Candle for your loved one please contact the office.

Email: stjohntheevangelistca@archtoronto.org

Phone: 905-880-0080